Posted on: 17 May 22

Kickstarter LIVE NOW!

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It's here! The Kickstarter campaign for our cathartic feminist punk game, The Glass Ceiling Games, is now LIVE! Woo hoo! 🥳

Our team has poured lots of love into the game to get to this stage; and you can top that up by backing and sharing our campaign page here! 💖 Don't forget to tag us and use hashtags!

Below is a step-by-step guide of how you can help us smash our target! Thank you!! 🙌

Step 1: Back the campaign for rewards!

We need 2,600 people to pledge £30 to reach our Kickstarter funding goal of £78,000, which means we need the page to reach 300,000+ people for a chance of success (phew, that's a lot of people for a very small indie studio with not much reach).

The most important time is the first 48 hours, so if you're going to back it with funds, please do it straight away! ✊ It helps with exposure on the Kickstarter platform, algorithms and (crucially) our morale! It also avoids the 'empty restaurant syndrome' for the wider public.

You pledge money on the Kickstarter page here: in exchange for rewards that include:

  • 📱 The game!
  • 🎸 The original soundtrack album!
  • 🎉 An invite to the launch party!
  • 🪄 A contribution to the game!
  • 🤓 Consultancy and mentoring in games and immersive storytelling!
  • 🎨 Exclusive posters!
  • 🧑‍🎨 Exclusive wallpapers!
  • ✨ Your name in the credits!

+ more juicy things!

Step 2: Share it on social media!

Once you've backed the campaign, please share your support on social media and tag our Glass Ceiling and Story Juice social media so we can share it too! 📣 Our accounts are:

Twitter: @glassceilingame (note the single g!) and @storyjuice
Insta: @glassceilinggames and @storyjuicestudio
Facebook: and
TikTok: @glassceilinggames and @storyjuicestudio
LinkedIn: Story Juice

Feel free to write anything you like but if you'd prefer a template, you can use or remix any of these (don't forget to tag us!):

Template 1:

I've just backed this awesome feminist punk game, The Glass Ceiling Games, on Kickstarter! You get to slingshot catcalls, machete unsolicited dick pix, raygun mansplains and more to an original electropunk soundtrack, which I am totally here for! If this sounds like a bit of you too, head to: to back it!

Template 2:

I've just backed hilarious cathartic feminist punk game, The Glass Ceiling Games, on Kickstarter so I can slingshot catcalls, machete unsolicited dick pix and raygun mansplains to Riot Grrrl-inspired electropunk! If you fancy that too, visit: to back it!

Template 3:

Want to fight back against everyday sexism and tell the patriarchy its contract isn't renewed? Back this brilliant cathartic feminist punk game, The Glass Ceiling Games, on Kickstarter that's being made by friends at Story Juice! Here's the Kickstarter page to pledge and find out more:

Template 4:

Loving this from my friends at Story Juice! Slingshot catcalls, machete unsolicited dick pix, raygun mansplains and more in cathartic feminist punk augmented reality game, The Glass Ceiling Games. You can back the Kickstarter now to get it released!

We've got hashtags to use too! #glassceilinggames #gameoverforsexism #feministpunk #feministgames #storyjuice #ARgame #womeningames and #kickstarter

Step 3: Other ways to support!

We're so grateful for every pledge of funds but know people don't always have money to spare and still want support us! Don't worry, there's lots of other ways you can help us meet our target!

1. TELL FRIENDS, FAMILY, COLLEAGUES! 📣 If you can personally recommend this Kickstarter to people who you know would LOVE it, we'll reach far more people than we ever could ourselves.

2. SHARE OUR KICKSTARTER PAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! 💌 Sharing and recommending our campaign page with a personal message (this is key!) boosts the number of people it reaches, and we need all the reach we can get!

3. WRITE / BLOG ABOUT IT! ✍️ If you're excited about our idea, you can download our Press Kit with all the info, photos and trailers to use and shout about it to the world! Share the links with us on social media and we'll share it in our networks too.

We really appreciate your support! It will help our campaign hugely by boosting its visibility! Thank you!!! 🙌